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China For All The Family

Just because you are a family, it doesn’t mean it is just beach holidays and camping on your horizon; there is a whole world of experiences out there for you all to share. China is the perfect country to encounter together – whether your kids are 5 or 15, it is easy to have a seriously fun adventure.

This quick itinerary, themed for those who are travelling as a family, features some of our family highlights and gives you an idea of the places to visit in each destination:

China For All The Family Itinerary

  • Days 1-2 : Depart the UK and fly overnight to Beijing, arriving the following day.
  • Days 3-4 : Explore China's magnificent capital city, Beijing. Try to Great Wall (visit the Great Wall page for information of each section), the Forbidden City and Summer Palace. Our suggested family highlight for Beijing is a Kung Fu Lesson!
  • Days 5-7 : Travel to Xian by bullet train or aeroplane. One sight that will capture the imagination of all the family are the Terracotta Warriors. You can also cycle around the old city walls and taste a local specialty - dumplings.
  • Days 7-8 : Pop over to Chengdu, best done by plane, the home of the iconic panda. Oh and while you're here, try Sichuan cuisine - it's so unique and delicious, Chengdu has been made a UNESCO City of Gastronomy. Our suggested family highlight for Chengdu is visiting the Giant Pandas!
  • Days 9-11 : Hop over to Guilin where a Li River cruise is a must, the karst scenery is breathtaking, no matter what age you are! Our suggested highlight hotel for Guilin is the Club Med Guilin!
  • Days 12-14 : The finally stop on this family adventure is the vibrant city of Shanghai. You might fancy going on a river cruise on the Huangpu or a walk along The Bund, admiring the glorious Art Deco architecture. The shopping here is also fantastic, if that's what you're into. Our suggested family highlight is touring Shanghai by Sidecar!
  • Day 15 : Depart Shanghai for the UK.


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These highlights have been specially picked for this themed itinerary:

Kung Fu Class
Uncover the mysteries of Kung Fu with a lesson for all the family in Beijing. You’ll learn the basic concepts and simple techniques and be fighting like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li in no time!

Giant Pandas
Meet the iconic Giant Panda in Sichuan province, where you can see them doing what they do best (eating, sleeping, playing) in a setting that mirrors their natural habitat. The most popular centre is in Chengdu but for something a little different we can take you to Dujiangyan where you’ll have the opportunity to get closer to these amazing creatures.

Club Med Guilin
Set amongst the karst landscapes of the Li River valley, the Club Med is the perfect all-inclusive resort for all the family. 110 acres of grounds include swimming pools, restaurants, a spa, and activities galore!

Shanghai by Sidecar
Pootle around Shanghai in the sidecar of a vintage motorbike, learning the city’s unique story from your knowledgeable driver as you go. The atmosphere on Shanghai’s streets is always exciting, so riding along them in style is a great way to experience the city.


15 days


This itinerary needs to be built especially for you – its price is available on request.

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Why Asia?

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Why tailormade by Asia Inspirations?

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