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Japan For All The Family

Just because you are a family, it doesn’t mean it is just beach holidays and camping on your horizon; there is a whole world of experiences out there for you all to share. Japan is the perfect place to encounter together – whether your kids are 5 or 15, it is easy to have a seriously fun adventure.

This quick itinerary, themed for those who are travelling as a family, features some of our family highlights and gives you an idea of the places to visit in each destination:

Japan For All The Family Itinerary

  • Days 1-2 : Depart UK and arrive in Tokyo.
  • Days 3-5 : Explore the amazing city of Tokyo. We recommend visiting Senso-ji, glimpsing the Imperial Palace and head up the Tokyo Skytree. For a fun family activity, try Manga drawing - a fun and quinessentially Japanese art.
  • Days 6-8 : Hop on a bullet train to Yudanaka. Here you can explore the Japanese Alps, try out an onsen and visit the adorable snow monkeys, easily reachable from town.
  • Days 9-11 : Head down to Kyoto, a city that can be easily and safely explored by bike. We also recommend visiting some of the fascinating temples - kids will love the booby traps of Nijo Castle and the mystery of Fushimi Inari-taisha.
  • Days 12-13 : A short skip over to Osaka, a city built around entertainment! The Osaka Bay complex contains the world-class Osaka Aquarium - Osaka Castle and Dontonburi are also great places to visit.
  • Day 15 : Depart Osaka for UK.


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These highlights have been specially picked for this themed itinerary:

Manga Drawing Class, Tokyo
The art of manga and its whimsical style has become a phenomenon; join a class to learn the tricks and techniques to drawing in this unique style as a family so you can all create your very own anime story!

Osaka Aquarium
One of the world’s largest aquariums, Osaka’s focuses on the creatures of the Pacific, and feature such wonders as Antarctic penguins, Artic otters and even, in one ginormous tank, a whale shark and manta rays.

Snow Monkeys, Yudanaka
Yudanaka offers both the traditional ryokan experience and the chance to visit the delightful Japanese Macaque, or ‘snow monkeys’. Head to Jigokudani Monkey Park to see them soaking and frolicking in their own hot spring pool.

Bike Tour, Kyoto
Peddle your way through Kyoto, seeing all of the big famous sights but also taking to the backstreets, traversing ancient canals, spotting old temples and shrines, and getting to see a local life that the tourist trail doesn’t offer.


15 Days


This itinerary needs to be built especially for you – its price is available on request.

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Why Asia?

Why Asia?

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Why tailormade?

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Why tailormade by Asia Inspirations?

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