Yangtze River

China’s longest river and pivotal in its historical, cultural and economic development, cruising the Yangtze will help you see China from a new perspective. Enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Three Gorges and visit the sights of interest on the river banks before experiencing the colossal power of its dam.

What to see

Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze River Cruise

The Yangtze River has been the lifeline of China for millennia. It was around the river that some of the earliest Chinese cultures existed; ever since it’s been essential for agriculture, for transportation and for the development of the economy. Cruising the Yangtze River not only gives you the chance to take in some wonderful sights, such as the Three Gorges, but also presents you with a steady flow of history and heritage as you wind your way through impressive gorges and cliffs.

Why cruise the Yangtze?

Why cruise the Yangtze?

  • Cruising the Yangtze is a more relaxing alternative way to travel through China – leave behind the chaos of the mainland and slow down the pace.
  • The river winds its way through the magnificent scenery of the Three Gorges, with stops for you to get deeper into the landscape or to explore fascinating cultural relics. This also includes an incredible feat of engineering, the Three Gorges Dam.
  • On board your ship you will be cruising in comfort. Relax in your spacious cabin, eat well, venture out on shore excursions, learn more about China’s heritage with cultural presentations and classes and enjoy fun evening entertainment.


There are four itinerary options available on the Yangtze River:

  • From Chongqing to Yichang on a three night itinerary going downstream;
  • From Yichang to Chongqing on a four night itinerary going upstream;
  • From Chongqing to Shanghai on a six night voyage downstream and;
  • From Shanghai to Chongqing on an eight night voyage upstream.
What you'll see

What you'll see

  • Three Gorges: Stretching around 120 kilometres each of the Three Gorges, Qutang, Wu and Xiling, has its own characteristics whether its sheer rock faces, swirling mists or precariously perched foliage – each though, is spectacular.
  • Three Gorges Dam: The Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest hydroelectric power station. Controversial as it may be it is difficult to not be impressed by the sheer scale of it, best viewed from the purpose-built platform.
  • Shore excursions: These can include the ghost city of Fengdu, Shibaozhai temple and one of the pretty narrow tributaries of the main river such as the Goddess or Shennong Stream. On the longer itinerary the historic city of Nanjing is also included.

Where to stay

Yangtze Gold Cruises

One of the newest fleets on the Yangtze, the Yangtze Gold Fleet of seven ships boast high-tech features such as sound reducing windows and anti-vibration engines. The biggest vessels cruising the river, each of the Yangtze Gold vessels has a swimming pool and mini golf course, along with spa and beauty facilities, fitness room and sauna, and a panoramic bar. Celebrate your first night aboard in style with the Captain’s welcome dance party in the ship’s ballroom.

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Century Cruises

A seven strong fleet, the Century ships offer a relaxed and comfortable Yangtze cruise experience. All cabins have a private balcony, or you can head up to the sun deck or observation bar and lounge for more panoramic views. Dine on a mixture of Chinese and Western cuisine with a lunch buffet and evening table service. Each ship also has an excellent range of entertainments, from folk dancing and cooking classes to cultural lectures and Tai Chi.

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President Cruises

The President fleet consists of three five-star vessels and one four-star. Two of these, the Presidents 7 and 8 are two of the youngest ships on the river, launched in 2013. These state of the art ships include an indoor heated swimming pool along with the range of amenities that can be boasted by the whole fleet. All cabins are spacious with balconies whilst restaurants, bars and a range of activities, including professional river guides, will keep you entertained.

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Sanctuary Cruises

The Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer offers an intimate cruising experience with space for just 124 passengers and a high crew to passenger ratio. Cabins have floor to ceiling windows and balconies, whilst the ship’s public spaces are bright and luxurious. Dine a la carte and make use of the beauty and fitness facilities as well as getting involved in traditional Chinese exercise, cultural demonstrations and lectures and enjoying the evening entertainment.

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Victoria Cruises

With a fleet of seven five-star ships, Victoria Cruises is the only American company to ply the Yangtze. The ships blend European and Asian designs and, depending on the ship, carry from 200 to 400 passengers. Spacious cabins have private balconies, bath tubs and TVs – when you’re not relaxing in your room activities such as lectures, cultural demonstrations, Tai Chi, Mandarin or calligraphy classes may take your fancy. Upgraded packages are available.

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Why Asia?

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Why tailormade by Asia Inspirations?

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